Lorna Mulligan

Winter classes 2018 - Visual Arts Centre

Watercolour I

Tuesday 9:00am - noon (starts Jan. 16 for 12 wks)

Get acquainted with your paints, paper, and brushes in this introduction to the art of watercolour. Instruction covers wash and glaze techniques, wet-on-wet, dry brush, and use of the white of the paper to establish luminosity. Learn the basics of colour mixing and composition while developing your expressive painting style. Weekly projects include still life, landscape, abstraction, and model. For beginners.

Observation to Abstraction

Tuesday 1:00pm - 4:00pm (starts Jan. 16 for 12 wks)

This adventurous painting course explores the range of possibilities between representation and abstraction. Topics include: colour relationships, structural and formal elements, and concepts underlying abstract art. Natural forms and objects provide a stepping off point as you develop your own expressive language. Prerequisite: two sessions of painting.

The Art of Watercolour

Wednesday 9:00am - noon (starts Jan. 17 for 12 wks)

For intermediate and advanced students who would like to further their involvement with the watercolour medium in terms of both technique and expressive content, this course includes segments on landscape, human figure, nature subjects, and abstract painting. Work at your own level toward skill development, evolution, and uniqueness of style. (Fall: nature subjects; winter: landscape.) Prerequisite: Watercolour II or the equivalent.

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