Lorna Mulligan

Fall classes 2018 - Visual Arts Centre

Watercolour II

Tuesday 9:00am - noon (starts Sept 25 for 12 wks)

Continue to strengthen your watercolour skills and techniques in relation to transparency, wet-on-wet, dry brush, direct painting, line and wash, etc. Issues fundamental to all painting – colour dynamics, drawing, and composition – are addressed through directed exercises. Develop skill through a greater emphasis on expressive watercolour style. Prerequisite: two sessions of watercolour.

Observation to Abstraction (Watercolour or Acrylic)

Tuesday 1:00pm - 4:00pm (starts Sept 25 for 12 wks)

This adventurous painting course explores the range of possibilities between representation and abstraction. Topics include: colour relationships, structural and formal elements, and concepts underlying abstract art. Natural forms and objects provide a stepping off point as you develop your own expressive language. Prerequisite: two sessions of painting.

Progressing with Watercolour

Wednesday 9:00am - noon (starts Sept 26 for 12 wks)

Exercises in colour, brushwork, and composition will strengthen skills and develop confidence as you prepare to go further with your own artwork. Ongoing personal projects allow individual choice of subject matter and expressive content. Historical and contemporary watercolour artists provide inspiration. Prerequisite: Watercolour II or equivalent.

Calligraphy with Pen and Brush

Saturday 1:00pm - 4:00pm (starts Sept 29 for 6 wks)

Learn the graceful letters of a modernized Uncial script, using a pointed pen; a calligraphy tool known for its delicate line and responsiveness. Gestural brushwork will enliven your work and create a dynamic visual contrast as we create several pieces inspired by lines of text. Class demonstrations and hands-on practice are combined with individual guidance. No experience necessary.

Watercolour: Sargent

Saturday 1:00pm - 4:00pm (starts Nov 10 for 6 wks)

The watercolours of John Singer Sargent have long amazed us with their loose, gestural brushwork, glowing, coloured whites, and rich shadows. Starting from an analysis of his watercolour style, we will paint a small series in his honour. The final few weeks will be devoted to original works enriched by this foray into Sargent’s watercolour approach. Prerequisite: two sessions of watercolour.

Abstract Painting: Colour and Composition
(Oil or Acrylic)

Sunday 10:00am - 1:00pm (starts Sept 30 for 12 wks)

This course is designed for students who want to explore new, creative directions in their abstract painting. We will work with the energy and presence of colour, the notion of ‘push-pull’ and the development of a personal palette. Compositional ideas and expressive characteristics, such as harmony, tension, and contrast will also be emphasized through creative exercises and directed painting projects. Prerequisite: two sessions of painting.

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